1. “How much do you charge and how much is overtime?”

Our fee is determined by a number of factors including the length of event, date of event, location of event, and sound equipment required. Overtime is $100.00 per additional hour (when available).

 2. “Do you require a deposit and when is the balance due?”

A retainer fee is required with the signed entertainment agreement that we provide. Both the event “Questionnaire” and balance ARE due fourteen days before our entertainment performances unless prior arrangements are made at time of booking.

 3. “Will you act as our Master of Ceremonies?”

We often refer to ourselves as a “party host”. We are able to use our professional experience to make announcements and act as a “Master of Ceremonies” to coordinate events.

 4. “What makes your DJ company different from the others?”

This is our full time profession. We do not subcontract our performances to other DJs. We can act as a Master of Ceremonies to coordinate all events, wear a tuxedo (when appropriate), and play a wide variety of music (including requests) as long as its appropriate.

 5. “Why do you call our catering director, photographer, and videographer a few days before our event?”

On Mondays and Tuesdays, we telephone each of our Clients scheduled for that weekend to confirm general information, specific song or event requests, and tie up any loose ends.

After phoning our Clients, we then attempt to reach their professional vendors (catering director, banquet hall manager, professional photographer, and videographer when applicable). During these conversations, we discuss the expected event timeline, any unusual activities that may be planned, and iron out any details that may not be clear. Our experience has shown that it is always easier to handle potential problems days before an important event, rather than minutes before they are about to occur.

 6. “Can you recommend to us a photographer (or location, caterer, videographer, limousine, event planner, bakery, florist, etc.) for our event?”

Gann’s DJ has entertained for more than twenty years at thousands of successful social events. Because of these experiences, we have developed a data base of wedding/party professionals.

 7. “How can you make our event more successful?”

Given the chance, any wedding reception, company party, school dance, or other social event can be really fun! We strongly recommend that newlyweds-to-be and other event planners select qualified vendors (caterer, photographer, disc jockey, etc.) who can work well with each other… and then trust them to do what they know how to do. All event professionals welcome suggestions from their Clients. But please, don’t tie their hands behind their backs by trying to micro-manage minutae! Offer your event professionals as much information as necessary to make your expectations clearly known. Then, simply trust them to know how to make your wishes come true. That’s why you hired them!

Gann’s D.J., believes that one of our most important duties is to be a Master of Ceremonies and to coordinate the timeline schedule.

 8. “New Age, Old School, Classic Hits, Popular Songs… how do you know what kind of music to bring to play at an event?”

You forgot to mention Mainstream, Country, Alternative, Club, Oldies, Standards, Waltz, Cha Cha, Polka, Slow Dance, Top 40, Easy Listening, Motown, R & B, Urban, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Disco, High Energy, and at least 101 different types of audience participation line dances. And let’s not forget Seattle Grunge, San Diego Punk, Chicago House, Gangster Rap, Techno, Rave, Ska, Hip Hop, Industrial, East Coast Swing, Shag, Calypso, Steel Drum, Speed Metal, Gregorian Chants, Acid, Show Tunes, Salsa, Cumbia, Banda, Jigs, and a variety of Ethnic music that we are accustomed to playing!

 9. “Can we request songs or types of music that we do not want played?”

We invite Clients to request song selections to be played/not played at their event. We also offer them the opportunity to direct us to include/not include music suggestions from their guests.